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Munch star singer
Mon and Sat
Main Cast:
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Idea Star singer
Mon- Fri 8.30 pm
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Mon - Fri 7.30 pm
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Cinimayum Jeevithavum
Wednesday 10.00 pm
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Monday to Friday 5.30 pm
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Vote 'N' Talk
Monday to Friday 7.30 pm
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Daily 7am
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Monday-Friday 2.30pm
Main Cast: Tracy, Deepthi, Maria
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Monday-Friday 11pm
Main Cast: Abhilash John
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Mon-Fri: 6.30 PM
Main Cast: Gurmeet Chaudary,Debina Bonerjee
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Ningalude Choice
Mon 3:00 to 3.30PM
Main Cast:
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Puthiya Paatukal
Main Cast:
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Born at Kottayam. Father K.J.Joseph, Mother Eliyamma Joseph. His elder brother Jose Prakash was an ace actor.In 1968 he came in to the film field as a
Prem Prakash
He hails from the ‘Vallathol’ family of Malabar. He has a immense family background. He is nephew of Late Mahakavi
Ravi Vallathol
Rimi Tomy is a singer who made her debut in Laljose's Meesa madhavan in Malayalam.Her first Song was Chingamasam VannuChernnal. She was a Degree 1stye
Rimi Tomy
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Nazriya is better anchor than Akhila for Munch Star Singer
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 No  -  44.95
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